For the first time in recent years, 2018 auctions were held without sensations , the absolute record of 2017 , the sale of Leonardo da Vinci's "Savior of the world"…

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Increase of own prestige by means of painting. Collecting paintings is an expensive and prestigious hobby. Who is the most gambling collector who buys the most expensive paintings? In the…

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If You are thinking about buying a painting for home or office, then the interior is ready after time-consuming repairs and finishes, furniture took its place and lacks only the…

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I place
and a new sensation in the art world – the most expensive painting on the planet:
Leonardo da Vinci. Savior of the world. Circa 1500 Christie’s, new York, November 15, 2017., $ 450.3 million
The last picture painted by Leonardo da Vinci, “Salvator Mundi” or “Savior of the World”, was sold at Christie’s auction for 450 312 500 dollars (including the prize), which, according to experts, and does not closely reflect the true value of this masterpiece. Previously, the picture was attributed to the disciples of Leonardo, for a long time was considered lost, but its appearance in 2005, a six-year study and confirmation of the authorship of da Vinci was “an event greater than the discovery of a new planet.”
“Savior of the World” – the last remaining in private hands picture. Others belong to museums and institutions. On lease, the masterpiece will be exhibited in the Louvre division in Abu Dhabi
II place-Qi Baishi.
Twelve landscapes. 1925, Poly International Auction, Beijing, December 17, 2017.,$140.8 million
The work in the form of 12 vertical landscape scrolls became the most expensive work of Chinese art. The author had no professional education, which did not prevent him from becoming a Professor of painting at Beijing University of arts and receiving the title of “Great artist of the Chinese people”.
III place
Jean-Michel Basquiat. Without a title. 1982, Sotheby’s, new York, may 18, 2017, $ 110.5 million

At the age of 17, Basquiat painted street graffiti, and by 28 he became a star of neo-expressionism, passing away at the height that many only dream to achieve. Prices for the work of Basquiat grow every year. So, in 2016, lot Basquiat went for $ 57 million.
IV place
Vincent Van Gogh. Plowed field and Plowman. 1889-1890, Christie’s, new York, November 13, 2017.
$ 81.3 million

Traditionally, interest in the paintings of the great artist remains high. $ 81 million-not the maximum price that has ever been paid for the paintings of van Gogh. In 1990, “Portrait of Dr. Gachet” (Portrait du Dr Gachet avec branche de digitale, 1890) paid $82.5 million.
V place
Fernand Leger. Contrast of forms. 1913, Christie’s, new York, November 11, 2017, $70.1 million

In the past year, a new price record for the work of Fernand Leger-his painting “Contraste de forms” (“Contrast forms”) sold for 70.06 million dollars, more than one and a half times the previous maximum ($39.24 million for “La femme en bleu” – “Woman in blue”, 1912), set in 2012. The proceeds from the sale of the painting money sent to charity by the Kellen Foundation.
VI place
Andy Warhol. Sixty ” Last supper.” 1986, Christie’s, new York, November 15, 2017, $60.1 million

The work was created in the last year of Warhol’s life and is based on the work of Leonardo da Vinci. In recent years, Andy Warhol tops the list of best-selling artists. Thus, in 2013, the total value of the artist’s works sold at auctions amounted to 427.1 million dollars.
VII place
Gustav Klimt. Blossoming garden. 1907, Sotheby’s, London, March 1, 2017, $ 59.1 million

Klimt’s landscapes are not as well known as his allegorical works with beautiful women. “Blooming garden” was created by Klimt in 1907, and in 1908 the artist presented the work at the exhibition Kunstschau in Vienna. His landscape became a sensation, opening a new facet of creativity portraitist. In 1910, the painting was bought by the national Gallery of Prague, where it was until 1968. For the first time in decades, Klimt’s work of this level appeared at auction: the vast majority of his works are in Museum collections and are not for sale.
VIII place
CY Twombly. Leda and the Swan. 1962, Christie’s, new York, may 17, 2017, $52.9 million

In 1961, shortly after moving from new York to Rome, Twombly created the Ferragosto cycle and wrote two large-format works on the ancient Greek myth of Leda and the Swan. These works full of cruelty and eroticism, executed in oil, graphite pencil and wax crayons, belong to the style of “blood and foam”. Today, one of the paintings “Leda and the Swan” adorns the permanent exhibition of MOMA in new York. For the second “Leda” decades of hunting collectors around the world.
IX place
Francis Bacon. Three sketches for a portrait of George Dyer. 1963, Christie’s, new York, may 17, 2017,$51.8 million

Francis bacon, who has the status of one of the leading British artists of the XX century, is included in the list of the most expensive artists in the world, and his works are in great demand among collectors. In 2013, “Three sketches for the portrait of Lucien Freud” was sold for a record for this artist $142.4 million at Christie’s.
X place
Wassily Kandinsky Bild mit weissen Linien (1913), Sotheby’s, London, 2017, 41.8 million $

Russian artists are a separate category in the art world. Wassily Kandinsky without too much modesty can be called the ” father of avant-garde.” The cost of his paintings are inferior except that Rothko and Malevich. The “Picture with white lines” is quite an interesting story. In addition to the fact that it was written in 1913, and this year is considered the most successful in the artist’s work, it strangely fell into a private collection.
Judge for yourself — Kandinsky, almost immediately after the outbreak of the First World war, returned from Germany to Russia. Sells his painting to the Museum of beautiful crops in Volochanka. After its transfer in Penza Museum, and made there in Tretyakov gallery, where she is mired in art collection Wilhelm Haka — he exchanged work Kandinsky have Soviet governments on letters Vladimir Lenin. In the 1970s, for his collection hack built a Museum, where he kept the “Painting with white lines” to Sotheby’s auction.

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