Speaking of luxury gifts it is impossible to ignore the paintings, which at all times were presented as significant gifts for the most important events. In the past, the picture…

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I place and a new sensation in the art world – the most expensive painting on the planet: Leonardo da Vinci. Savior of the world. Circa 1500 Christie's, new York,…

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Avdeeva Svetlana Pavlovna
Avdeeva Svetlana Pavlovna. Promgrafik. She was born on March 26, 1940 in Korolev, Moscow region. In 1969 she graduated from the Moscow polygraphic Institute. The beginning of creative work since…

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People tend to want to leave their mark in history, perpetuating their own image in the form of a portrait on canvas. In former times, to order a portrait could only representatives of a narrow circle of powerful rulers and nobility.

They commissioned a portrait from the most talented and famous master of his time. Portraits were painted from nature for months or even years, the artist tried to deeply feel the human essence, thoroughly display the individual traits, simultaneously fixing the attributes of the time when the portrait was painted. Therefore, portrait art is of great value in the historical and cultural sense.

But, what is a portrait to order today? After all, painting technologies of the past centuries, materials and means of expression have long changed.

Yes, that’s right! Modern portraitists create their unique masterpieces, carefully preserving the heritage of ancient masters and bringing new meaning to the portrait. Now a modern camera is able to accurately capture the reality, while portraits are designed to interpret, to show the person from the side that is inaccessible to technical means.

Of course, the customer’s wish to the picture is always put at the forefront. And in this sense, the order of the portrait is an opportunity to show boundless imagination in the embodiment of the plan.

You can order a portrait in different styles: realism, impressionism, modernism, cubism…

Portraits are made in the technique of oil painting or drawing on paper ( pencil, pastel)

Depending on the genre of portraits of distinguished:
– costumed ( in the image of a historical or mythological character or in the costume of a certain era)
– genre portrait ( a person is depicted in the context of a scene from public or private life)

By the number of portrayed can be
– individual portrait
– family portrait
– group portrait

Depending on the turn of the head distinguish:
– full-face portrait, three-quarter, profile, quarter turn, half turn

Size also brings features to the portrait:
– small format 35x 35 or 40 x 50 makes it possible to write a head portrait or chest
– sizes 50 x 60 or 50 x 70 allow you to make a portrait of the waist or sitting position
– 60 x 80 or 70 x 100 cm-designed for full-length portraits

When ordering a portrait from a photo, the quality of the pictures is of great importance, the larger the size of the photo, the better. Well, if it will be one photo, and a few that the artist was able to consider the portrayed in different angles and with different facial expressions.

The “Portrait” section presents some works by various authors, which give an idea of the manner of execution and possible types of portraits.

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