Children's art: children about the works of ciurlenis, Pollock, Magritte, Goya
We continue to collect children's opinions about the works of famous artists. Which picture is the most terrible, and which is the most beautiful? We remind you that in our…

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What a nu! 8 weird pictures with Topless characters and what it all means

In the painting by husepe Ribera, a bearded old man is breastfeeding a baby. Caravaggio-on the contrary, a young girl breastfeeding an old man. Magritte’s chest, Gogol’s manner of escaping from the hostess, hiding in the closet. Arthiv tries to understand what is happening here: it turns out that a naked female breast can not only give the viewer aesthetic pleasure, but also tell a fascinating story.
Unknown artist of the Fontainebleau school. Gabriel d’estreux and his sister (1594).)
Gabrielle d estrees with her sister
In the picture of an unidentified master of the Fontainebleau school, young damsels take a bath. One of them clutched at her nipple, and judging by the melancholy expressions on the girls ‘ faces, the action came as no surprise to either of them. According to the conventional version, the painting depicts Henry IV’s favorite Gabrielle d’estre and her sister. Perhaps twisting each other’s nipples during water treatments among sisters is not such a rare phenomenon. However, the artist’s unambiguously raised canopy, the ring in Gabrielle’s hand, the mysterious faces of the heroines and the mysterious figure in the background hint at some mystery. Apparently, this is something more than a simple genre scene — for several centuries, art historians are trying to put this erotic puzzle.

Since the heroine of the picture are real historical figures only presumably, we can not discount the most obvious version. Images of any lesbian relationships were in demand primarily wealthy heterosexuals (in this respect, over the past 500 years, little has changed). Picture of similar content could have some sort of secret (or not too) a medieval sex addict. True, today this work gives the impression of asexual and even chaste, but who knows what turned Parisian nobles in the XVI century? Simply put, this picture could perform the functions of porn. And the ring and the figure in the background could add” married “and” voyeur “to the” tags “of” lesbian, “” nipples “and” twins.”

If same to follow conventional wisdom version of, personality girls (exult, feminists) become far more important their nipples.

According to some accounts, Gabrielle d’estré was sold to Henry III by her own mother (for six thousand crowns) when she was 16. She was fabulously good-looking and was considered a “miracle of nature”at court. The king made her his” official favorite, ” though he did not like the trophy himself — Gabrielle reminded Henry too much of his wife, Louise of Lothar. So he rented out the girl: she was the mistress of several oligarchs, provided special services to the cardinal de guise, the Dukes de Longueville and de Bellegarde. This was until the future king Henry IV of France saw it. This Henry Gabriel attracted: from ties with him was born three children (subsequently legalized king).

Some researchers believe that the picture is encrypted good news: touching Gabrielle d’estré nipple, her sister tells the world that she is pregnant with the Royal bastard. The maid of honor in the background embroiders diapers, and the ring indicates the intention of Henry IV to seat the favorite on the throne.
The king had indeed broken off his childless marriage to Marguerite de Valois, and was probably going to marry Gabrielle d’estreux, whom he truly loved. But in 1599, when the king was away, she died in childbirth. There is a version that the Royal favorite poisoned gray cardinals interested in the marriage of Henry and Marie de Medici.
Hence, the opposite interpretation: in the tub with Gabrielle d’estre not her sister and ex — wife of the king, Marguerite de Valois. Her touch foreshadows death, the maid of honor behind them sews a shroud.

So, just by touching someone’s nipple, it turns out, you can retell a fair piece of world history.

Despite the abundance of historically justified interpretations, the plot depicted in the picture continues to intrigue and excite hot heads. For example, the famous English Director John Boorman shot in 1995 a short film “Naked in the bath”, presenting his own version of the origin of the picture-entirely fictional and somewhat humorous.
Or here, if you please, an example of an inspired inheritance from the cult Japanese photographer Eiko Hosoe:

Eiko Hosoe. “Barren Breasts. Camargue.» One thousand nine hundred eighty three
Francisco de Surbaran. Saint Agatha
Saint Agatha
Francisco de Surbaran
1633, 127×60 cm
Saint Agatha
The painting by the Spanish painter Francisco de Surbaran fits easily into the modern context. It is easy to interpret it as a metaphor for the hardships that await a woman in a cruel Patriarchal world, where she constantly has to sacrifice something, give something. That girl bears a dish of their own Breasts — read, presents its charms damned sexist. Or laying her natural beauty on the altar of plastic surgery.

In fact, the heroine of the picture — St. Agatha-a different story: she just knew how to tell men “no”.

This beautiful inner and outer virgin lived in Sicily in the III century. She was the daughter of rich and noble parents, but was brought up in Christian piety-material goods despised, and of all the husbands revered only Jesus Christ. When captivated by the beauty of Agatha prefect Panorama (now the city of Palermo) decided to hit on her, she rejected him. And he ordered her to be tortured (in the process, Agatha’s Breasts were cut off), setting up a personal vendetta as another campaign against Christianity.
According to some reports, the Lord made it so that Agatha after torture was completely healed, and she grew new Breasts — more beautiful than the previous ones. However, she would still preferred die for their faith.

As for prefect Kintian, they say his face was bitten off by his own horse. Unfortunately, Francisco de Surbaran left this episode “behind the scenes”.

Husepe de Ribera. Magdalena Ventura with her husband and son. One thousand six hundred thirty one
Magdalena Ventura with her husband and son
It is difficult to find a better illustration of the failure of gender stereotypes than this family portrait, completed by husepe Ribera in 1631. To make out who is the husband, and who, in fact, Magdalena, is not easy. And the fact that, it seems, one of the heroes of the picture breastfeeding, this task, perhaps, only complicates.

Write Magdalena Ventura — “the Great miracle of nature” – Ribera ordered the Viceroy of Naples and the famous collector of paintings Fernando Afan de Ribera. The tradition of collecting images of such “wonders of nature” — dwarfs, clubfoot, overgrown, etc. – was common among the Spanish nobility. Philip II, for example, had a portrait of a woman with two beards in his collection. And Fernando-a gift, that man enlightened and was interested in science -, too, wanted to get “a bearded woman” in a certain fair sense.

But something went wrong: Ribera worked on the portrait for three years and created a psychological portrait instead of the Kunstkammer exhibit, in which the beard does not obscure the character. His Magdalena Ventura (like the dwarfs of Velasquez) is not a reason for scoffing, she is a person with her life, her story, her drama. In short, the work makes you think. Among other things, and about what you do not want to think. A woman who has been blessed by nature with the appearance of a biblical prophet, of course, had a hard time. And to nurse a child in such circumstances is, of course, a feat. But how could she not think about the man who had helped her conceive this child? And even if at the time of painting the baby was not so tender age (but the couple had three children for sure) – in the castle of the customer to pose for the artist’s wife arrived together. She and he. So decide who is the real hero and who is the main miracle of nature.
“Young Dad”: a guide to the painting shown in the series by Paolo Sorrentino
Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio. Seven acts of mercy
Seven acts of mercy
Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio
1607, 390×260 cm
Seven acts of mercy
If you do not know the name of this picture, we can assume that Caravaggio depicted judgment day, the day of the airborne troops, well, or at least the prom at school. A man in military uniform leaned over the naked fallen opponent, a naked blade in his hand. On the right, two men drag a corpse. The group to the left is divided into three, one of them with his head thrown back, gushing straight from the neck. The girl in the lower right-hand corner bared her breast, and a nimble old man crouched against her breast, his head thrust through the prison bars. One of the angels, looking at all this obscenity from heaven, stretched out his hand, as if to say to people: come to your senses, tomorrow’s work!

All the more gratifying to learn that everything is exactly the opposite: the heroes of Caravaggio perform six Evangelical acts of mercy and one of the old Testament. An officer with a sword cuts his cloak to clothe the naked. The landlord invites the traveler to share his shelter. The man quenching his thirst in the pose of a bugler is the notorious Samson (instead of a bottle he has the legendary donkey’s jaw). The dead man is carried to be buried according to the Christian custom.

As for lactating girls, she embodies a Caravaggio plot, known as the “Otaliba Roman women”.

According to legend, a Roman Cimon was sentenced to death, and in anticipation of execution almost starved to death in prison. The daughter who visited the old man breast-fed him — it so touched judges that the poor man eventually pardoned.

This story was often invoked in painting and literature of different times and peoples. For example, shortly after Caravaggio it reproduced Rubens. With some variations, it was performed by Boccaccio, and the finale of “Grapes of wrath” Steinbeck did not come up with himself.
Jean Fouquet. Madonna with child. Wing of a Diptych of Melun
Madonna with child. Wing of a Diptych of Melun
Jean Fouquet
Our lady and child

Children's art: children about the works of ciurlenis, Pollock, Magritte, Goya
We continue to collect children's opinions about the works of famous artists. Which picture is the most terrible, and which is the most beautiful? We remind you that in our…


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