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"Red, red, freckled." The most famous redheads in art history
People with natural red hair color always attracted attention with their "unconventionality" - real or far-fetched. And throughout the history of art, artists from Sandro Botticelli to Dante Gabriel Rossetti…

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Speaking of luxury gifts it is impossible to ignore the paintings, which at all times were presented as significant gifts for the most important events. In the past, the picture…

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The life and amazing adventures of Ivan Myasoedov
Ivan Myasoedov did not resemble a stereotypical artist, as he was used to seeing the layman. He could tie a knot in a poker, appear in public in the buff,…

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Doodles from Google dedicated to art

For 21 years, daily sketches — a kind of business card of one of the most influential corporations in the world. We have chosen doodles of different years, dedicated to artists and women artists, and share information about the process of creating “funny pictures”. Is it art?

In 1998, Google co-founders Larry page and Sergey Brin went to the Burning Man forum and wanted to tell the world about their trip. So they put the festival icon under the second letter Of the logo that greets visitors on their company’s homepage. “Founding fathers” of the search engine considered his message about the absence of a public insider joke.

So began “doodles from Google” (Google Doodles) – although the company, which at that time operated only a few months, has not even been registered.

Doodle in honor of artist of the Baroque Michelini Vauthier
Now, after 21 years and several thousand doodles, daily sketches — a kind of business card of one of the most influential corporations in the world. They become the subjects of Facebook posts and “cooler conversations” with colleagues. Surely someone from friends at least once sent you a favorite version of the logo. A casual joke developed into an intricate project that combines the game and the artistic representation of names and events. This is another way to remind hundreds of millions of people of Michaeline Vauthier or the anniversary of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Continue reading

Impressionism and Spain, or what happened in Spanish art after Goya and before Picasso

If you don’t Google, how many Spanish artists of the XIX century will you name? And the Spanish Impressionists? Even sophisticated art lovers will remember is that of Joaquin Sorolla. Much easier is the case with the eras before and after — there and Velasquez, and Goya, and El Greco with Surbaran, and then Picasso and Dali. The Museum of Russian impressionism undertakes to fill this time gap and to open for the audience the names of Spanish artists who created amazing works at the intersection of national tradition and modern artistic trends of the second half of the XIX century.

The Museum of Russian impressionism together with the cultural Foundation Aurea Cultura I Art opens the exhibition “Impressionism and Spanish art”on October 10. It will feature 60 paintings, sculpture and graphics of 18 Spanish artists who were participants in the Grand revolution in art, who lived in Montmartre, participated in the exhibitions of the Paris Salon, in the exhibitions of the French Impressionists, returned home and became the harbingers of the new art. Continue reading

Operation “Masterpiece”. Six facts about crimes in the sphere of art from the book by Robert Whitman

In September, Ivanov, Mann & Ferber released a new book, Operation Masterpiece, written by former FBI agent Robert Wittman and co-authored by John Schiffman. What is interesting about this book? First of all, the personality of the author. Robert Wittman spent twenty years solving crimes in the field of art, searching for stolen antiquities and paintings.

In total, he managed to return works of art totaling tens of millions of dollars. Among these items were a gold plate of an Indian chief, and a sculpture of Rodin, and an old battle flag, and paintings by Norman Rockwell, Picasso and Monet. In fact, operation Masterpiece, in which part of the paintings stolen from the Gardner Museum were found, was the pinnacle of Wittman’s career (despite the fact that the works were missed due to the accidental disclosure of Wittman’s identity by the French authorities). Recall that in the latter case we are talking about the investigation of the robbery in 1990, when it was stolen 11 masterpieces, including paintings by Rembrandt and Vermeer. Continue reading

Edward Lear: great artist, singer of nonsense

With the light hand of Edward Lear limericks went on his triumphant March around the world, establishing the canons of true English humor. Funny pentameters accompanied the drawings: long-nosed cranks, fat cats, dumbfounded owls … Illustrations were to match the new genre of absurdity. And who would have thought that a serious artist, a virtuoso animalist and master of landscape, “descend” to this? We tell about the remarkable artist who radiated warmth and good nature and managed to fill the world with charming paradoxes.

Edward Lear (1812 — 1888) was born in North London, the son of stockbroker Jeremy Lear and his wife Anne Clark Skerret. At a time when the main occupations of women were home Economics and the birth of children, it was not surprising that the future artist was the 20th child in the family. He was the youngest child to survive in an age without antibiotics or vaccinations. The economic turmoil of the Napoleonic wars led to the collapse of the London stock exchange, which directly affected the welfare of the Lear family. Continue reading

IDA O’keefe: life and oblivion in the shadow of a sister

When you hear the name O’keefe, who comes to mind? Most likely, Georgia. Her sensual flowers in pastel colors and bright paintings of desert landscapes have become iconic. But what if you were Georgia O’keefe’s sister and wanted to be an artist? Would you be able to abstract from its influence and create your own original images? Artist IDA O’keefe (1889 — 1961) for many decades lost in the shadow of his more famous sister — and only now receives its own recognition.

Georgie was only two years older than IDA, but their characters are separated from each other at a distance of light years. The first purposefully built his career: studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, the League of student artists in new York and at the Teachers College of Columbia University. She studied craft and mechanics — technique, perspective, shadows, charcoal, oil, watercolors, the virtuoso brushstroke of William Merritt chase. Continue reading

The history of the collection (part 1)
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"Red, red, freckled." The most famous redheads in art history
People with natural red hair color always attracted attention with their "unconventionality" - real or far-fetched. And throughout the history of art, artists from Sandro Botticelli to Dante Gabriel Rossetti…


What a nu! 8 weird pictures with Topless characters and what it all means
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