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Abakumov Vitaly Vasilyevich
Abakumov Vitaly Vasilyevich. Art historian, painter 1923-1987. He was born on March 25, 1923 in the village of B. Gribanovsky, Voronezh region. In 1947 he graduated from the Moscow city…

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ABOUT STYLES AND DIRECTIONS OF PAINTING Everyone is familiar with realism and abstractionism - two polar styles of fine art, contrasting the objective and non-objective. And what is between them?…

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I place and a new sensation in the art world – the most expensive painting on the planet: Leonardo da Vinci. Savior of the world. Circa 1500 Christie's, new York,…

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Such different Rembrandts: 5 films about the great Dutchman (part 1)

Rembrandt from the movie of the 1930-ies — rosy Joker and a bit of a klutz. Rembrandt 1970’s-tacit and a gloom type of with heavy mournfully maniac. Rembrandt 2000-x-charming Zippy and witty. Rembrandt from the Soviet TV movie is expressed exclusively in poetry. Rembrandt from the French drama is shown in more than candid bed scenes. Which one recommends Archiv? All! And to make it easier for you to choose a movie to taste, we have compiled a detailed guide to the films about Rembrandt.

Rembrandt (Great Britain, 1936)

What movie? Rembrandt comes to the shop to choose the paint and at the same time buys a precious necklace — it just like his wife Saskia. “They say Saskia is ill? they ask him. “Saskia is healthier than ever,” says Rembrandt. An artist, that with him take? Continue reading

What a nu! 8 weird pictures with Topless characters and what it all means

In the painting by husepe Ribera, a bearded old man is breastfeeding a baby. Caravaggio-on the contrary, a young girl breastfeeding an old man. Magritte’s chest, Gogol’s manner of escaping from the hostess, hiding in the closet. Arthiv tries to understand what is happening here: it turns out that a naked female breast can not only give the viewer aesthetic pleasure, but also tell a fascinating story.
Unknown artist of the Fontainebleau school. Gabriel d’estreux and his sister (1594).)
Gabrielle d estrees with her sister
In the picture of an unidentified master of the Fontainebleau school, young damsels take a bath. One of them clutched at her nipple, and judging by the melancholy expressions on the girls ‘ faces, the action came as no surprise to either of them. According to the conventional version, the painting depicts Henry IV’s favorite Gabrielle d’estre and her sister. Perhaps twisting each other’s nipples during water treatments among sisters is not such a rare phenomenon. Continue reading

Portrait strokes: map of flaneur Edouard Manet

According to the rules of strolling it is important to walk slowly and aimlessly, to mix with the crowd, but remain separate from it, apart. For a creative person, whether a writer or an artist, strolling is an invaluable experience of studying people, types, movements and external manifestations of characters. A black top hat, thin gloves, a cane, a slow gait and an inscrutable face — Edouard Manet was a real flaneur. Skating rinks, Opera, wide boulevards, Hippodrome, dances, tours of Spanish dancers, new stations and squares, world exhibitions-Paris of Manet times was an ideal city for strolling and for the birth of new, modern art.

Paris – Tuileries garden
Edouard Manet changed apartments several times and workshops many times. He never worked at home — and preferred to rent a Studio separately. But always, always it was the houses and streets of the quarter of Batignolles, or places nearby. Continue reading

“Red, red, freckled.” The most famous redheads in art history

People with natural red hair color always attracted attention with their “unconventionality” – real or far-fetched. And throughout the history of art, artists from Sandro Botticelli to Dante Gabriel Rossetti revealed the powerful symbolism of red hair, which at different times alternately meant promiscuity, sensuality, cunning and, above all, otherness.

Red hair is rare, but why do we find its wearers particularly attractive or naturally lustful? Why Botticelli decided to give his Venus-the goddess of sex, beauty and love — long strands of ripe rye color? What prompted Rossetti to chase down the street Alexa Wilding-a woman he later portrayed in the painting “La Ghirlandata” (1873) and other works — and beg her to pose? (According to Jackie Collis Harvey, author of Red. The story of redheads”, Rossetti was “an absolutely classic example of a man obsessed with redheads, uncontrollably obsessed”.) Continue reading

School. Teacher. Disciple. Stories to help tune in to the new school year

We address these sketches not only to students and teachers, but also to all-all-all who on September 1 feel some nervousness, and at night dreams about exams.

“Terrible” students
In the history of painting there are many examples of negligent students. So, Florentine artist Filippo Lippi is clearly not enough stars from the sky. Attempts to teach him mathematics turned out to be a failure. Young Filippo only blinked at requests to add apples and pears. A little better was the case with the Humanities. But they did not evoke in the disciple due respect. “He just dirty all sorts of freaks their own and others ‘books” — so described the manner of training Lippi art historian and biographer Giorgio Vasari. In the end, the teachers resigned themselves and allowed Filippo to do only what he really turned out: drawing. And it was the right decision. Lippy was so successful that he later became a teacher himself. Continue reading

The life and amazing adventures of Ivan Myasoedov
Ivan Myasoedov did not resemble a stereotypical artist, as he was used to seeing the layman. He could tie a knot in a poker, appear in public in the buff,…


What a nu! 8 weird pictures with Topless characters and what it all means
In the painting by husepe Ribera, a bearded old man is breastfeeding a baby. Caravaggio-on the contrary, a young girl breastfeeding an old man. Magritte's chest, Gogol's manner of escaping…


Van Gogh's suicide: ten arguments why the murder story is a myth
Art critic Martin Bailey, a researcher of the life of Vincent van Gogh, says: a few years ago, he often asked the question " Why did the artist cut off…


Speaking of luxury gifts it is impossible to ignore the paintings, which at all times were presented as significant gifts for the most important events. In the past, the picture…