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The history of the collection (part 3)
The opening of the Moscow Public and Rumyantsev Museum in 1862 significantly stimulated the collecting activities of Muscovites, many of whom came from a merchant environment. By the opening of…

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"Red, red, freckled." The most famous redheads in art history
People with natural red hair color always attracted attention with their "unconventionality" - real or far-fetched. And throughout the history of art, artists from Sandro Botticelli to Dante Gabriel Rossetti…

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Principal ballet of the century: Oscar Schlemmer and the Bauhaus theatre
The XX century was generous with artistic experiments, performances, plexus of different types of art, plotless, symbolic, abstract, provocative actions. But with all this defiant diversity, there is one theatrical…

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People tend to want to leave their mark in history, perpetuating their own image in the form of a portrait on canvas. In former times, to order a portrait could only representatives of a narrow circle of powerful rulers and nobility.

They commissioned a portrait from the most talented and famous master of his time. Portraits were painted from nature for months or even years, the artist tried to deeply feel the human essence, thoroughly display the individual traits, simultaneously fixing the attributes of the time when the portrait was painted. Therefore, portrait art is of great value in the historical and cultural sense.

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For the first time in recent years, 2018 auctions were held without sensations , the absolute record of 2017 , the sale of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Savior of the world” for 450 million dollars, was not overcome. However, for the auctioned artists updated personal auction records largely due to the sale of the collection of the Rockefeller family in may 2018 at Christie’s auction.

10th place
Zhao Wuji Triptych “June-October 1985”, Sotheby’s, Hong Kong 30.09.2018 – 65.2 million $
Chinese artist Zhao Wuji first hit the top of the world rankings. He was born in Beijing, and at the age of 28, being in demand and already known artist, moved to France, was on friendly terms with Alberto Giacometti, Joan Miro and Jacques Chirac. The last years before his death in 2013 he lived in Switzerland. Triptych measuring 100 x 280 cm is an abstract landscape in purple and orange tones. Continue reading


I place
and a new sensation in the art world – the most expensive painting on the planet:
Leonardo da Vinci. Savior of the world. Circa 1500 Christie’s, new York, November 15, 2017., $ 450.3 million
The last picture painted by Leonardo da Vinci, “Salvator Mundi” or “Savior of the World”, was sold at Christie’s auction for 450 312 500 dollars (including the prize), which, according to experts, and does not closely reflect the true value of this masterpiece. Previously, the picture was attributed to the disciples of Leonardo, for a long time was considered lost, but its appearance in 2005, a six-year study and confirmation of the authorship of da Vinci was “an event greater than the discovery of a new planet.”
“Savior of the World” – the last remaining in private hands picture. Others belong to museums and institutions. On lease, the masterpiece will be exhibited in the Louvre division in Abu Dhabi Continue reading


TOP 10 auction sales in 2016 was as follows:

10th place
“Peach blossom of spring” 1982. Zhang Daxian. Sotheby’s auction, Hong Kong, April 5, 2016. – 34,899 million $
The author of the painting is one of the most famous masters of Chinese painting. The proceeds from the sale of the painting is the largest for a work of Chinese art.

9th place
“Two sketches for self-portrait” 1970. Francis Bacon. Sotheby’s auction House, new York, may 11, 2016 – $34.87 million
English painter Francis bacon is one of the most expensive in the world. His painting “Three sketches for the portrait of Lucien Freud” were sold at Christie’s in 2013 for 142.4 million.$ Continue reading


2015 exceeded all expectations and broke the most expensive sale in the world of painting in its history.

But all in order. Here are the works that last year went under the hammer for fabulous money:

10th place
The Sleeping social worker (1994) Lucien Freud – 51.6 million$
The author paintings-British painter, grandson of Sigmund Freud just wrote four “Sotsrabotnits”, one of which previously has acquired Roman Abramovich on auction Christie’s.
9th place
The picture Alley “Alaskan” (1888) by Vincent van Gogh worth 66,3 million dollars, was sold on may 5 auction at Sotheby’s Continue reading

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