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"Bavarian rose" - Empress Sissi. Ceremonial portraits, drama, life (part 1)
The extraordinary beauty of the Empress of Austria and fascinating conversations with her while posing admired Franz the Magnificent-artist Winterhalter. And sissy herself, as Elizabeth of Bavaria was called by…

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People tend to want to leave their mark in history, perpetuating their own image in the form of a portrait on canvas. In former times, to order a portrait could…

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ABOUT STYLES AND DIRECTIONS OF PAINTING Everyone is familiar with realism and abstractionism - two polar styles of fine art, contrasting the objective and non-objective. And what is between them?…

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The life and amazing adventures of Ivan Myasoedov

Ivan Myasoedov did not resemble a stereotypical artist, as he was used to seeing the layman. He could tie a knot in a poker, appear in public in the buff, and his talent found unexpected-criminal-use.

Gregory the terrible and his son Ivan
The founder of the society of Wanderers, the artist Grigory Myasoedov was a man of character. Acerbic, quarrelsome, prone to unmotivated and uncontrollable outbursts of anger, he got along with few people. His first marriage was unhappy and childless. The second (civil) — with Ksenia Ivanova, in past his a pupil-rather, partnership agreement. Xenia for the most part bustled around the house, acting as housekeeper, cook and nanny. Meat eaters graciously took care of her, allowed her to live next.
Ilya Efimovich Repin. Ivan the awesome and his son Ivan on November 16, 1581
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“Bavarian rose” – Empress Sissi. Ceremonial portraits, drama, life (part 3)

As the years passed, the children grew. Relations with Franz Joseph eventually finally upset: for 14 years, the Emperor had an affair with the wife of a railway employee Anna Nagowski. There is speculation that he fathered two of her children. And his love affair with a “heart friend” actress Katharine of SRTT never disappeared and continued until the last days. It was said that sissy was not jealous of her husband — on the contrary, she introduced him to Katharine to compensate for her constant absence. She was even called the ” uncrowned Empress.” Continue reading

“Bavarian rose” – Empress Sissi. Ceremonial portraits, drama, life (part 2)

Two years later, a son was born in the family — crown Prince Rudolf, who, of course, was immediately taken under the care of his grandmother and attracted her caregivers.

Josef Neugebauer. Rudolf, crown Prince of Austria as a child
Empress Elizabeth with her two children and a portrait of the late Archduchess Sophia Frederica
Sissy, wanting a break from the quarrels and fruitless attempts to change the situation, decided to go on a trip. In this connection, it was announced that the Empress was seriously ill. How else could she explain her four-month stay in Madeira? It was only when she was away from the Palace, its intrigues and intolerable rules, and alone with herself, that she found peace and harmony. As she traveled, sissy thought of her children and her still-beloved husband, writing detailed letters and sending gifts. Continue reading

Such different Rembrandts: 5 films about the great Dutchman (part 2)

“Rembrandt: Portrait of 1669” (Netherlands, 1977)

What movie? This is a detailed and unhurried narrative from the birth of Rembrandt ninth child in the Miller’s family-and to the last days of his life. Narrative, where heroes say very little (Saskia for 20 minutes onscreen existence not utters nor words, and only talk smiles or seemed to forget eyes), and “the” means very many. People here are mostly silent-talking objects. Here is a gust of wind opens the window — and the rain begins to lash into the house, here crawling spider, the old woman froze reading the Bible, that Rembrandt puts on Saskia’s head wreath of wildflowers, that newborn baby firmly grabs Rembrandt’s finger. All this is interspersed with close-UPS of Rembrandt’s paintings and their details — hands, eyes, hats… Background music sounds — a pipe or a double bass. In color, the film is close to Rembrandt’s painting: shades of brown and ochre-gold predominate here. Continue reading

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